I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Utah. I will be joining the Department of Healthcare Policy & Research at Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University as a Postdoctoral Associate in August 2019.

My Job Market paper estimates the impact of local cost-of-living adjusted minimum wage discontinuities across state borders on infant mortality rates among lower-educated mothers (abstract can be found on my Research page).

My general research interests include the intersections of income and labor market regulations on infant and child health, and social determinants of prenatal care utilization. I have also conducted research on the impact of bundled payment reforms on physician consolidation, the provision of adequate surgical care in lower and middle-income countries, cost-effectiveness and other health services related research.

Recent Activity: I am currently using the The Pediatric Health Information System data from the Children’s Hospital Association for a series of research projects studying the inpatient costs of patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) by severity and time of onset, as well as to evaluate the reductions in inpatient care utilization attributable to new treatment options for SMA.